Nite life brings its “top” system to every wedding; this includes the following:

-2 DJ’s to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently

-Our high end speaker system(with the superior sound technology of Electro Voice)

-Professional grade global trussing with eye-catching light fixtures

-Any traditional or non-traditional wedding dance activity you want for FREE (introduction into the reception hall, garter auction, dollar dance, father-bride/mother-groom, Austrian shoe game, chicken dance, etc…)

OPTIONAL: if you’d like, NLE will also assign one of our DJ’s to act as a HOST to your event and help by welcoming your guests, outlining the itinerary, coordinating times for toasts, introductions, and the first dance, AND anything else at no additional cost. Please keep in mind this is optional and is meant for those who want one less thing to worry about.

PROFESSIONAL. All of our DJs are required to dress professionally and conduct themselves in positive way throughout the night. We know the reputation some DJ services have in this area, and we also know that your DJ, in part, represents you and your family. Therefore, we have done absolutely everything to make sure our company is professional at the dance and after. We consult with a legal Attorney/CPA to make sure our company is fully licensed and LEGAL, and of course in high standing with our community. We know you expect nothing less. We are also fully accredited and insured.

OUR ENERGY. All three owners are in this business, first and foremost, because we have a passion for music and dance, and when you love something, you make sure to always do it right. Our DJs have a working knowledge in everything from contemporary hip-hop to ballroom dancing. Whether you like country, oldies, top 40, or the waltz, we have the knowledge to create a playlist that will not only match your taste in music, but also do everything we can to get others out on the dance floor as well.

THE SYSTEM. Simply put: no one in the Watertown region comes close to offering the high-end equipment that Nite Life offers. Many in the industry to “cut corners” to make their system easier to set up and less expensive. We, however, built it around what will give the best dance experience. We use Electro-Voice speakers, a company who has the reputation of providing the highest end speakers for mobile DJs, and we also bring both HIGH-PACKS and LOW-PACKS to every show (many other companies don’t do this!). This gives dance music that rich, energetic sound. For lights, we’re the only service in Watertown that offers concert-grade global trussing so that the lights can get high above the dance floor, and we use only INTELLIGENT LED lighting (where the lights literally react and move to the music). This creates an atmosphere unlike anything else!

MODERN SERVICES NLE is Northeastern South Dakota's most MODERN DJ service and offers a true "nightlife" experience (including the most sophisticated lighting the market offers). Our goal is to offer the latest services available to metropolitan areas, right here in the Watertown region. Again, while some companies offer a “one size fits all” philosophy, we offer four different packages, which allow you to choose the package that best fits YOUR event. Please see the attached sheet for more details on our different packages that we offer!

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