Ambience Uplighting

Uplighting consists of using connected par cans to cast a sheen of light on the walls of your venue. This technology has become extremely popular as a means of further decorating the reception hall by creating a special ambience with the look of accenting colors. Our uplighting fixtures are all LED and allow us to create, quite nearly, any color you can imagine.

Gobo Lighting

This service allows you to create a custom gobo, an image that is projected on the dance floor or wall by a precise, focusable light.

Digital Projector/Slideshow

Nite Life offers a high-resolution projector and screen that you may rent if you have a slide show, movie, etc. that you would like to be shown at your event.

Photo Shoot

Another recent trend to the wedding reception is to offer a chance for your guests to take candid, fun photos. Instead of doing a photo booth (where space is limited), we work with a photographer to offer the "photo shoot." We will provide backdrops and plenty of costumes and dress for your guests to have fun with, and our photographer will snap photos in the designated area. With this you get all the advantages of the traditional photo booth, but we feel it adds to the experience as well (the dance and photo area seem less separated, and larger groups of people can take photos with each other as well). **2 Hour Minimum**

Sound/P.A. for Ceremony

​If you need live sound for your actual ceremony, Nite Life can provide both the speakers and a DJ to run the sound board for your event. Prices will vary on according to length, set up needs and location (more if it's offsite from reception), and if music will be included or just P.A.

Additional Services




The CUSTOM package allows you to pick and choose what services you would like to use from Nite Life. Start by deciding whether you would like a 3 hour dance or a 4 hour dance. From there you can personalize which services you would like to add-on to make your event exactly what you imagine! (See right for a list and description of services offered)


Our Metropolitan package is unlike anything else—an all-inclusive package that will make your event both modern and extraordinary. For one set price, you'll have access to every service that Nite Life offers—a wedding reception for the 21st century. The entire venue will be filled with uplighting to give it an unbelievable décor and ambience. A custom gobo will light up either the dance floor or the head table to make the event hall uniquely your own. You can also choose to have a two hour photo shoot, or perhaps use of our  high-definition projector and screen—all of it is included! Two disc jockeys will be there to run the event from the moment your guests arrive until the dance ends. They'll help coordinate the entire reception (toasts, cake-cutting, and speeches), they'll play dinner music to add sophistication to your dinner, and when time comes, they'll fill the dance floor with Nite Life's superior lighting technology and sound. You'd have to travel to the cities for a package with this many services, and even then, you'd end up paying nearly double. 


All of the services of the Metropolitan package, but with an extra set of speakers (4 highs, 4 lows). This package is perfect for the high-end wedding, or if you are expecting an especially large wedding and reception. The extra set of speakers will make sure all your guests can enjoy the energy of the dance floor.

BUDGET (Not recommended for Wedding events)

On a budget? You'll still get Nite Life's high end sound system and a vast music catalog. This package will include only one DJ, and instead of the global trussing, we'll bring a more modest T-bar with a few less lights. But then again, a “trimmed down” Nite Life package still beats out most of the other guys—so dance the night away!

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